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Feb 19, 2014

Check Out this TRAILER Movie...Awesome!!!

Aug 30, 2013

Two Day Offers!!!

Special Promotions!!!

If you buy this collection for $64 

You get these two sets 

Aug 24, 2013

Royal Jelly skincare Made Out of 100% Honey!!!!

Fashion Every Day! Hello world!
 Independent Consultant 
Lorraine Sánchez

I sell JAFRA, I started this business,  because it allows me to be more time with my child.  One thing that got me interested is that the person who founded this company did research in the honey bee's, they also did research  in how the Queen bee stays alive much longer then the rest of the other bee's, why? Because she only ate the honey,  well Jan and Frank founders of JAFRA in 1956 in Malibu, CA. Their first product based on honey which the product is a solution for skincare for all types of skin, and its name brand is Royal Jelly. Since then it has had a huge success,  and clients love these products because it gives extremely great result. I started using mines and I Love how my skin feels.

Fourth Friday Market Exchange was a successful Event!!!

Fashion Every Day! Hello world!

Lorraine Sanchez

Eleanor Benett 

Thank you all for coming and visiting us!!!
Please feel free to ask questions??

Aug 22, 2013

Fourth Friday Market Exchange Event!!!

Fashion Every Day! Hello world!

Aug 19, 2013

Celebrate Jafra's 57th Anniversary with Awesome Skin Care!!!

Fashion Every 
 Day! Hello world!

Buy one Set, get second Set FREE!!! But Hurry now, because this offer is limited time only, it ends on August 31.  

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